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Using IBM Websphere Dashboard Framework 6

Code: WP520
Language: English
Additional languages:
Additional brands: None specified
Product: WebSphere Portal, Portlet Factory
Release: 6.0
WW region: WorldWide
Target audience: System Administrator, Portlet Developer
Format(s): Classroom Number of Days: 2 days


Download WebSphere Dashboard Framework v6.0 Training Brochure (1257)


This instructor-led class is designed for application developers who will be developing Portal based dashboards. You are introduced to the IBM® WebSphere® Dashboard Framework as an extensible tool to rapidly create, test, and deploy composite applications that feature a dashboard-style user interface.

The course presentation is a combination of interactive lecture, discussion, and exercises that illustrate the presented topics. The course begins with an introduction to the WebSphere Portlet Factory and Workplace Dashboard Framework products. Key concepts and terminology, such as builders, models, profiles, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and service providers and consumers are covered. The architecture of the Portlet Factory and Dashboard Framework is also presented, including the key feature of model regeneration.

The prerequisites for this course include:

  • Basic IBM® WebSphere® Portal system administration skills (e.g. install portlet, edit page layout, add portal groups and users)
  • Basic understanding of Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture

Skills taught and Course Outline

  • IBM® WebSphere® Portlet Factory and IBM® WebSphere® Dashboard Framework Product Overview
  • Key Concepts and Terminology
  • Architecture and Model Regeneration
  • Using Eclipse
  • Applying Data Service Providers and Consumers
  • Creating Forms and Profiles
  • Utilizing Web Services
  • Generating Portlets with Dashboard Features
  • Constructing and Managing Alerts

Course agenda

Day 1
Course topics

  • Introduction
  • WebSphere Portlet Factory and WebSphere Dashboard Framework overview
  • Key concepts and terminology
  • Architecture and regeneration
  • Using Eclipse
    o Lab 1: Creating a WebSphere Portlet Factory Project
    o Lab 2: Creating a Simple Portlet
  • Using Data Service Providers and Consumers
    o Lab 3: Employee Compensation Summary
    o Lab 4: Employee Compensation Details

Day 2

  • Using Forms and Profiles
    o Lab 5: Employee Compensation Form
    o Lab 6: Employee Compensation Profile
  • Using Web Services
    o Lab 7: Department Compensation
  • Creating Portlets with Dashboard Features
    o Lab 8: Compensation Budget Summary and Drilldown
    o Lab 9: Dashboard Portlet Configuration
  • Creating and Managing Alerts
    o Lab 10: Compensation Budget Alerting
  • Accessing Data from Lotus Domino
    o Lab 11: Employee Project Expenses


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