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Websphere MQ

Webspher MQ provides assured once-and-once-only delivery of data between applications and systems. It is a core extender for the customer’s enterprise service bus, allowing access to multiple standard and non-standard systems and applications.

Integration of WebSphere MQ with WebSphere Portal is beneficial on larger systems specially where disparate enterprise systems are involved, these messages can be sent and received on the Portlet. WebSphere MQ provides point to point and publish/subscribe messaging service.  Here I will share working example of how WebSphere MQ can leverage the Portlet functionality while running on WebSphere Portal Server.  In a Stock purchase scenario WebSphere MQ provides instant stock prices when the customer logins to the Portlet with publish/subscribe messaging option, similar the same user can submit purchase orders from the Portlet by utilizing point to point messaging. The same setup can be utilized in for example e-Government where a certain condition will send messages to the involved department to respective action.




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