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IBM Forms V4.0

IBM Forms automates forms-based business processes to help improve efficiency, customer service, and time to value, making you more responsive to customer and market needs.

IBM Forms enables both line of business and IT users to create electronic forms with an easy-to-use, Web 2.0 interface. Providing an exceptional web experience requires agility. With no programming required, IBM Forms makes you more agile, helping your organization become a more social one.

  • Improves efficiency, time to revenue, and customer service by automating paper-based processes.
  • Cuts costs by eliminating printing, distribution, processing, and storage of paper, and minimizes environmental impact with electronic forms.
  • Reduces transaction times and error rates.
  • Provides auditable, compliant records.
  • Lowers development cost through reusable forms components.
  • Integrates with existing infrastructure through improved web service interaction.
  • Provides improved performance and scalability through 64-bit support in server.
  • Enables higher productivity through anytime, anywhere access on tablets such as Apple iPad.

Organizations worldwide choose IBM Forms software because it offers

  • Business processes automation
  • Compelling, interactive user experience
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Industrial-strength security features, performance and scalability
  • Complex eForms in less time

Built processes automation

  • Provide customers, suppliers and partners with access to key business processes and applications through built-in workflow
  • Share information automatically with the appropriate people, systems and applications in your business from a single eForm.
  • Integrate rapidly with Business Process Management systems like IBM WebSphere Process Server and IBM Filenet P8

Compelling, interactive user experience

  • Build great looking forms applications through Web 2.0 user interface and modern widgets and themes
  • Access forms applications anytime, anywhere on tablets like iPad

Ease of use

  • Exploit a user-friendly front end to your business, allowing almost anyone to view, fill, sign, submit and route eForms
  • Enable non-technical users to create and distribute customized surveys, feedback forms, order forms and more by e-mail and the Internet without IT involvement
  • *Leverage IBM Forms sample catalog for reusable eForms. Jump-start your eForms deployments for faster time to value.

Integration with existing systems

  • Integrate eForms data with IT systems, including more than 40 enterprise information systems such as IBM WebSphere Portal software, WebSphere Process Server, IBM FileNet P8 software and other products from IBM and third-party providers.
  • Create eForms in 28 languages on a broad range of platforms and operating systems

Industrial-strength security features, performance and scalability

  • Embed standards based digital signatures in eForms, for audit and compliance
  • Achieve advanced scalability and performance for your eForms solutions by running IBM Forms Server software on a 64bit operating system or on Linux operating system for the IBM System z platform.

Complex eForms in less time

  • Use Eclipse based designer to create enterprise scale, complex eForms and forms based applications.
  • Leverage open standards and flexible deployment options
  • Access online or offline, based on your needs

IBM Forms includes the new IBM Forms Turbo module to empower non-technical users to create eForms for easy distribution via e-mail and Web. The following IBM Forms products are available for trial download:

IBM Forms Designer software is an easy-to-use, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG), e-form design environment, based on the Eclipse open source framework that promotes team development of form-based applications and enables reuse of business components across forms.

IBM Forms Viewer software is a rich client viewer that automates multi-person workflows by providing role-based signing authority and access to specific form sections. Role-based wizards enable users to efficiently move through the form-filling process, helping increase accuracy and improve efficiency.

IBM Forms Turbo is included in IBM Forms and available as a stand-alone product to make it easy for non-technical users to quickly create, store and route eForms inside and outside the organization via e-mail and the web.

IBM Forms now makes it easy for organizations of all sizes across numerous industries to speed process automation efforts, improve efficiencies, cut operational costs, and reduce development time with eForms with proven scalability.




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