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IBM Lotus Web Content Management

We have extensive development experience on IBM Lotus Web Content Management. Our gurus have a breadth of experience in IWWCM implementation, configuration and development.
Some of the IWWCM Services we have provided in the past are:

  • Planning, designing and implementing WCM environment.
  • Creating and managing contents in WCM.
  • Rendering documents in WCM.
  • Integrating WCM to DB2 Content Manager.
  • Rendering contents through WCM API.
  • Installation / configuration of LWWCM for Domino / WebSphere (WAS / WPS)
  • Websphere Portal Server – Content Portlet Viewer installation and configuration
  • LDAP integration with WPS
  • LDAP integration with LWWCM
  • Customization of LWWCM Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Workflows and Workflow Stages
  • Replication of databases
  • Syndication of LWWCM instances
  • Profiling and re-profiling your content efficiently

If you are looking to hire an IBM Workplace Web Content Management guru or you are in need of a IBM Lotus Web Content Management consultant, you have come to the right place. You can hire a developer/ programmer from our pool of highly talented and experienced WCM developers.

IBM Lotus Web Content Management for WebSphere Commerce


By integrating WebSphere Commerce and Web Content Management (IWWCM), you enable business users to manage the entire content creation and deployment process without intervention from technical support. Business users gain most of the features of Web Content Management for use in WebSphere Commerce stores.

The integration enables business users to manage creation, editing, approval and publication of store page content in WebSphere Commerce using Web Content Management.

IBM Workplace Web Content Management integration for WebSphere Commerce focuses on associating Web content with product pages in a store. For example, an article about camping can provide links to camping-related products found in the store catalog. IBM Workplace Web Content Management integration for WebSphere Commerce builds upon the workspaces component provided with WebSphere Commerce.




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