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WebSphere Portal v8.5

WebSphere Portal and Web Experience Factory V8.5 brings together the powerful tools  that help you develop, administer and produce  influential online Web experiences, including social collaboration which can enhance productivity. Building on the solid foundation of previous releases, WebSphere Portal V8.5 possesses new features and updates that can provide your users with a more social, mobile and integrated experience and give you the choice to adopt out-of-the-box solutions.

Managed Pages

WebSphere Portal V8.5 has a simplified way to create and manage portal pages and web content using a new integrated tool bar. New approval processes allow you to preview and approve changes to pages before publication. It enables website content to be efficient, previewed, versioned, published, and discarded. Enhanced, out-of-the-box theme also offers design flexibility.

Web Analytics

WebSphere Portal V8.5 offers more flexible options to tag pages, portlets and Web content by measuring their usefulness through campaign and custom tags and enables greater insight over web site content value and channel interactions. New user-friendly overlay figures provide an in-line view to track efficiency of a Web property.

Social Business in Context

The new Community Page support provides you freedom to  enthusiastically scale and place IBM Connections portlets in the right Portal and WCM context for a consistent tagging and rating experience between WebSphere Portal, Web Content Manager, and IBM Connections . OpenID Authentication lets Portal users authenticate with credentials from public social network such as Facebook. It offers socially-infused Web experiences with portable blogs, article templates and wikis. With this new feature, transient users who are trusted and verified from an identity provider, can access WebSphere Portal without requiring a WebSphere Portal user account.

IBM Installation Manager

Users can manage the software life cycle with a single tool: Install, Update, Rollback, Modify, and Uninstall. Version 8.5 offers faster installation performance and better integration with other IBM products. Installation Manager (IM) has significantly reduced product installation time by 25%, large-topology server creation time by 72% and large-topology cluster-creation time by 40%, saving your valuable time and money.

Site Area Templates

With WebSphere Portal Version 8.5, you can create site area templates that define the authoring settings, such as the design of the form, elements, fields on a form and default values. It also restrict authoring templates usage. For example, you can use site area templates to only allow “news” to be published without an approver’s review.

Enhanced Projects

With Version 8, you can assign users approver roles for a project and send a project through a review state before publishing.  Modification by different developers on same project can be reviewed all at once and can be published at the same time.

Rich Web Content Management (WCM)

Create WCM pages and content with point-and-click simplicity with the new Content Templating user interface. Integrate with ECM and other systems through Web Content Manager support for the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS).

Mobile Portal Themes:

WebSphere Portal Mobile Experience theme easily extends Web content to smart phones. The new mobile theme enables developers control over the mobile Web page appearance, content navigation and also includes rich mobile web interaction patterns such as swipe, carousel, accordion, and swap using CSS3 and HTML5 to enable a complete Web experience. The WebSphere Portal Mobile Experience WebKit theme also called the mobile theme, includes a code selection for navigation and page layout that is designed specifically for WebKit mobile devices. You can start with the sample code and then customize it according to your needs. The mobile theme includes:

  • Sample mobile navigation API that follows common mobile application steering patterns
  • Sample mobile page layouts that showcase common content interaction patterns

Simplified Business Process Management

With WebSphere Portal V8.5, users can access relevant tasks and activities for multiple Business Process Management solutions from a single user interface. The Unified Task List portlet integrates your site with several Process Management solutions.

Integrator for SAP:  Integrates SAP NetWeaver content into your portal site

You can use IBM WebSphere Portal Integrator for SAP to integrate content from SAP NetWeaver Portal into IBM WebSphere Portal. This allows you to integrate navigational structures and single content pieces. Integrator for SAP integrates the SAP NetWeaver Portal navigation into WebSphere Portal on a page named SAP navigation. The navigation is retrieved new from the SAP NetWeaver Portal for each WebSphere Portal session and used for a particular duration of the session. WebSphere Portal also provides a portlet for integrating individual pieces of SAP NetWeaver Portal content.

 Search Optimization:

Optimize external search for Web content rendered through WebSphere Portal. Search enhancements provide smooth search index algorithms that optimize WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager search results. To improve search optimization, page metadata is rendered as keywords in the HTML. The metadata is taken from Web Content Manager and includes title, keywords, category, and more.

New Configuration Wizard for Administrators

WebSphere Portal V8.5 simplifies the migration from WebSphere Portal V6.1.5, V7 or V8 by reducing the lengthy migration time. With WebSphere Portal V8.5, migration is as smooth as a software upgrade.



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