A portal can help you create a workplace for your customers, partners and employees that allows you to view and manage your company as an integrated whole — even when outsourcing important activities to others— and allow them to react to changes on demand. Much more than operational efficiency, you can help unlock the value in the systems and resources you have invested in over time. An important element of IBM e-business on demand, IBM on demand workplace solutions can help you minimize time-consuming process redundancies, while improving efficiencies throughout your value chain. IBM WebSphere® Portal software and IBM Lotus® Workplace software can help you deliver a customized, integrated workplace to simplify and speed access to information, people and processes.

Identifying the need to implement an on demand workplace is one challenge: where to start and how is another. Based on extensive experience working with customers on a variety of portal initiatives around the world, Royal Cyber aligned with IBMs’ Business Portal Value Assessment (BPVA) to help guide your enterprise portal strategy. No matter where you are in your workplace cycle, the Business Portal Value Assessment can help provide the high-level direction you need to create a vision, identify success criteria and build a preliminary cost and benefit analysis. Fast and priced to fit your budget, the BPVA is your first step toward creating an on demand workplace for your organization.

Identify and prioritize your initiatives

Royal Cyber consultants based on IBM standards plan and execute the Business Portal Value Assessment from an end-user perspective, employing a proven assessment methodology to help you gain the maximum benefits and insight for your organization. The BPVA offering provides a set of tools you can use to prioritize and analyze the impact of making a business portal investment, replacing an existing portal or adding additional functions to an existing portal. Through onsite and offsite interviews, workshops and e-meetings, Royal Cyber consultants implement a proven, three-step module method. This process consists of preparation interviews, an onsite workshop and final presentation customized with one or more of four available modules to help you answer questions specific to your business needs. And because this comprehensive assessment is modular, you have the flexibility to choose the modules that address your business needs.

The Business Portal Value Assessment methodology can help:

• Provide you with the information you need to make the correct business portal investment decision for your company.

• Align line-of-business (LOB) and IT management toward a common vision for a business portal and associated deployment initiatives.

• Give you a high-level cost and benefit analysis to define the value of a portal solution in financial terms.

• Provide the information needed to justify launching a portal initiative in your organization.

1— Business Value Alignment

To facilitate the assessment process, IBM consultants work closely with your LOB managers to help determine how you can reap the greatest benefit from a business portal solution. Through an onsite workshop and telephone interviews, you can assess portal initiatives in terms of measurable benefits compared to their ease of implementation. Through these discussions, IBM consultants can help project stakeholders reach a shared understanding of the different portal investment benefits and risks—and consensus about how to proceed.

2-Business Value Demonstration

After completing the initial business value alignment, IBM consultants help you create a working model that represents the possibilities of your portal and the potential impact it can have on your organization. The output from the Business Value Alignment module is used to prepare and build the model. This day-in-the-life solution scenario enables you to visualize how a proposed portal solution could deliver value. The module, in turn, can enable you to demonstrate the value and functions of the business portal to a wider audience throughout your value chain. The findings from this module are used for the ROI analysis and for input to help guide implementation.

3—Business Value Assessment (ROI)

IBM can work in conjunction with your financial and technical team members to identify the potential employee and IT Infrastructure costs required to implement a business portal solution. Data analysis and modeling tools leverage IDC and customer data from WebSphere Portal software deployments to help produce macro estimates of costs and benefits. The last phase of the assessment process concludes with a set of findings and recommendations to help you define the next steps in your business portal initiatives. Tailored deliverables from this module include a written report outlining ROI and cost-benefit analyses.

4—Business Value Realization

This module is designed to be used in situations where there is an existing portal. During this assessment process, Royal Cyber consultants evaluate your existing portal. Their findings serve as a baseline for an ROI analysis to expand your existing WebSphere Portal software solution, or to replace a current portal with a WebSphere Portal software solution.

Benefit from Royal Cyber experience

Royal Cyber is confident that it has the breadth and depth of skills available to help guide you through your on demand workplace projects. With extensive knowledge and resources of portal solutions— and the ability to provide a strategic business design—Royal Cyber consultants and technical specialists can help you develop and deploy an on demand workplace solution that can generate maximum business value for your organization.

The BPVA serves as the first step by helping you to build the high-level vision and business case for your on demand workplace.

Overall benefits of an Royal Cyber Business Portal Value Assessment include:

• A fast start to create the business case for further investment

• Reduced risk and accelerated adoption of your on demand workplace solution

• A portal project that can meet your business requirements today and in the future

• Potential to accelerate ROI and realize immediate business value

• Skills transfer and hands-on support to your staff