Enrich your digital experience with websites that include social content, social networking, and social analytics. Royal Cyber can help you establish social media integration with IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5.

Leverage the Power of Social Interaction with Royal Cyber’s Tailored Service Offerings

Royal Cyber can help you engage your visitors with enhanced social features tailored to your business environment. New features include:
IBM WebSphere Portal social rendering includes the following features:

Two formatting components that help visualize social lists in two formats i.e. a condensed simple list design and a comprehensive list design

One single federated Tag Cloud to help site visitors find all public tags in Web Content Manager, WebSphere Portal, as well as other systems

Use the provided sets and generate your own list definitions and designs.

Supports desktop, smartphone and tablet form factors

A set of social list definitions

Feature social data that is hosted on a remote IBM Connections server on portal pages

Enable Social Connectivity through Social Media Integration with WebSphere Portal 8.5

Royal Cyber helps you leverage IBM Web Content Manager Social Media Publisher, a new extension that allows businesses

to share web content via social networks. We provide:

Software development

Support with WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager

Customization to enhance your social capabilities and manage the lifecycle of the social message

Digital Data Connector (DDC)

Integrate data hosted on external servers with your WebSphere Portal pages

The Digital Data Connector uses Web Content Manager presentation components

It makes it possible to render social content that is aggregated on your Connections server in the context of your portal pages

It also helps ensure a reliable user experience for your visitors

Community Pages:

Associate a community in IBM Connections with a portal page

• The community can be associated with all files, portlets and other content on a portal page
• Users can use the links to go from the community page to other content associated with the community
• Assign access permissions as required

Connections Integration Portlets:

Show Connections content on the WebSphere Portal

• The Connections 4.5 integration portlets deliver a rich set of 13 social software services for use in a portal environment
• This makes it possible to surface social tools, such as blogs, profiles, communities, and the activity stream in the appropriate context

Social Media Publisher:

Socialize your content through external networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

• WebSphere Portal Social Media Publisher allows businesses to promote their web content on social networks
• It also integrates with external social networks and provides statistics

Promote Your Content and Engage with Your Audience

These features enable businesses:

• To either create and share posts manually
• Use workflow to manage the posting schedule
• WebSphere Portal Social Media Publisher removes the social message when the original content is removed from Web Content Manager

Why Partner with Royal Cyber?

With years of experience in IBM technologies, Royal Cyber is an industry leader in software consultancy and training. Our clients benefit by partnering with us because:

• Royal Cyber is an IBM premier business partner, authorized trainer and a Certified Microsoft Gold Partner
• We offer a wide range of customized solutions tailored to our client requirements
• Our strategic offshore centers have enabled us to reduce costs and offer highly competitive rates to our valued clients
• We serve a variety of businesses including Fortune 500 companies
• As a global software consultancy leader, we ensure reliability, safety and security
• We are available round the clock to handle our client’s queries
• We have helped clients all over the world engage meaningfully with their audiences with the latest technologies

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