Elevate Your Digital Experience with Open-Source Solutions

Are you currently using HCL Portal and considering a migration to open-source platforms? Royal Cyber is your trusted partner in making this transition smooth and efficient. Our expertise in portal migration ensures that you can unlock the full potential of open-source technologies while preserving your existing data and functionalities.

Current Challenges

Why Migrate?

Cost Efficiency

Open-source solutions often come with lower licensing costs, making it a budget-friendly choice for your organization.

Flexibility and Customization

Embrace the freedom to tailor your portal according to your specific business needs with the extensive customization options offered by open-source

Community Support

Join a vibrant community of developers and users, ensuring a continuous stream of updates, security patches, and support.


Open-source solutions provide the scalability your business demands, adapting seamlessly to your growth and evolving requirements.

Migration Benefits

Modernized UI/UX

Updated and user-friendly interface. Improved overall user experience.

Personalized/Customized Experience

Tailored user experiences based on individual preferences. Customization options for a more user-centric interface.

Backend Modernization

Built on JAVA EE compliant platforms. Compatibility with cloud-native technologies.

Reduced Vendor Dependency

Decreased reliance on vendor-specific platforms. Enhanced flexibility and adaptability.

REST APIs for Interoperability

Developed REST APIs for seamless integration. Other applications can easily consume APIs with proper authentication.

Cloud-Native Compatibility

Optimized for cloud environments. Takes advantage of cloud-native technologies for scalability and efficiency.

Royal Cyber’s Approach to Migration

Comprehensive Assessment

Our team conducts a thorough analysis of your existing HCL Portal setup to identify dependencies, content structure, and customization.

Customized Migration Plan

We create a tailored migration plan that ensures a step-by-step transition, minimizing downtime and impact on your operations.

Data Integrity and Security

Your data is of utmost importance to us. Our migration process prioritizes data integrity and security, ensuring a seamless transfer.

User Training and Support

To guarantee a smooth transition, we provide training sessions for your team and offer ongoing support to address any concerns or issues.

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