Large rules can be built and saved to the repository by enabling the property rulesRepository.enableLargeRules to true in file located at<wp_profile>\PortalServer\config\config\services.
Additional Information is available in the following technote. (ConstraintViolationException while saving large Personalization rule.)

Non-administrator users receive an error when creating a rule for New Personalization Element in the Personalization Picker

Granting proper access rights to the non-administrator should resolve the issue. Please refer to the section ‘Access rights for Business Rules’ in the Infocenter.

Not able to create a new Business Rule on WebSphere Portal No page is displayed when clicking New Rule.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: User editing the rule then walks away without saving and session times out.

Use Support Tools Portlet available at Lotus Greenhouse portlet catalog ( ) to identify the UUID of the rule (in the RULESWORSPACE) to remove the locks for that node. After downloading and deploying the Support tools portlet

1. Enable Write Access. ( Contact IBM Support to obtain unlock access code ). Use the unlock access code available from Support.
2. Browse Nodes and navigate to the node ( in the RULESWORKSPACE )
3. Locate the lock and click on UNLOCK

Personalization Navigator shows the message:

"The current view cannot be displayed"
Errors received when starting the application:
00000888 RegistryFacto W getPluginRegistry plugin added twice
00000888 RegistryFacto W getPluginRegistry <Null Message>
                                 java.lang.IllegalStateException: The
plugin is not enabled