The following Exception is seen in the logs when a Personalization rule is executed.

javax.jcr.nodetype.NoSuchNodeTypeException: Node Type clb:clbLibrary not found.

This problem indicates that the application is expecting a JCR Node Type which has not been defined.
Please review the technote for additional information
(JCR troubleshooting topic: troubleshooting common exceptions)
Also apply – PK52204 and PK69027. Contact IBM Support to obtain these ifixes.

Personalization Component in Web Content Management is not displaying any data.

Verify whether the rule that is associated with the Personalization component still exists in the personalization navigator portlet. If it does not exist then create a new instance of that rule and associate this rule with the Personalization component. If the rule exists on the Personalization navigator then resave the Personalization component to see if displays any data, If the issue still persists, contact IBM Support.

When giving the exact value for LDAP groups in a personalization rule, no results are being returned.

While specifying the LDAP groups in a Personalization rule ensure that they are entered in lower case as the PUMA API( Portal User Management ) returns the groups of the user in lower case.