Discover the WebSphere Portal 8.5 with a Whole New Array of Features


Today organizations are struggling to unify information to the enterprises. Best use of access to information means improved business results. Employees are more tied up when vested to do their jobs efficiently and customers are more tied up when they have access to the services and products they need. Improve more engagement with partners, employees, and customers through extremely interactive and contextual online experiences.

Based on the solid foundation of prior released versions, WebSphere Portal V8.5® is equipped with such new capabilities and functionalities that can help you in endowing your users with a more social, mobile and integrated experience of web. From an organizational perspective, it provides with an insightful real-time analytics, and thus empowering you to make the right decisions for boosting up your organizational growth.

Christopher Sayles, Manager of Education at Royal Cyber Inc will give the presentation of ‘What is new in WebSphere Portal V8.5’. The focus will be on the new capabilities of this version:

Toolbar changes

Theme improvements

Search Updates


Social Rendering


Vanity URLs

Script Portlet