Multi Domain SSO WebSphere Portal


Organizations around the world are increasingly going global. With so many geographic and regional data stacks and solutions within each territory or work division, they now require an ability to leverage data access for their users to use multiple enterprise apps and portals with a Single Login ID without any issue of multiple ID’s and data redundancy.

IBM Security Access manager is an enterprise software that provides authentication and authorization services. It leverages users for Single Sign On Services and provides end to end security within an Enterprise Architecture as well as SSO, Web SSO, Multi SSO etc.

Royal Cyber, a leader in IBM Product Deployments, brings you a FREE webinar where you can learn about IBM Security Access Manager SSO and integrate it with IBM WebSphere Portal.


  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Technical Leads
  • Architects
  • Organizations using IBM WebSphere related family tools and technologies
  • Representatives/Decision Makers
  • Tealeaf Identifying Patterns of Struggle
  • Learners

Each topic has a corresponding workshop

Webinar Topics & Details:

The webinar will discuss the following topics:

  • Introduction for Security Access Manager for WebSphere Portal
    • Capabilities & Features
    • Solution Components
  • Authentication Mechanisms
  • Single Sign-On & Single Sign-Off
  • Authorization Scenarios
  • Authentication fail-over
    • Load-balancing between back-end servers
  • Integrating WebSphere Portal.
  • Recommendations, Considerations and Useful Links.
  • Royal Cyber Expertise and Offerings.