Your online presence can make or break your customer experience. Royal Cyber can help you give your customers a consistent, integrated and personalized experience with IBM WebSphere Portal V8.5.

Customize IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 for your Business

Royal Cyber helps you leverage WebSphere Portal 8.5 to give your customers a single point of access to a range of services and applications, as well as social connectivity.

Royal Cyber provides:

• Tailored software development services and support
• Installation, configuration, administration and clustering
• Custom development integrations and migrations
• Performance monitoring and troubleshooting
• Routine support, deployments and automation scripts
• Training and mentoring
• 24/7 support
• Personalized and ongoing support and monitoring

Our team of experts will study your environment and provide targeted recommendations that are best suited to your business.

What’s new in IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5?

• Easily accessible shelf toolbar
• Improved themes
• Easy portlet creation
• Simple upgrade from older versions
• Mobile simulator to preview content
• Seamless data integration
• Search updates
• Social rendering
• Digital Data Connector
• Vanity URL
• WebSphere Portal UX Screen Flow Manager
• Improved ability to enable personalization
Optimize your online presence and enable user-friendly features including:
• New improvements for administrators such as syndication troubleshooting tools and staging-to-production tools
• Improved capabilities for developers such as theme optimization analyzer and simple modules
• Advanced functionalities for content authors to enable quick and easy content creation
The product is available in different product editions for both small to mid-size businesses of up to 1,000 users as well as for larger companies.
• Digital Experience Patterns for WebSphere Portal Server and Web Content Manager
• WebSphere Portal Express
• WebSphere Portal Server

Empower Your Customers and Drive Better Business Outcomes with Royal Cyber

Our expert consulting services help you leverage the new features in IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5 so that you can:
• Benefit through greater visitor response
• Cut down web operations costs
• Enable a variety of capabilities to meet your organization’s needs

Why Royal Cyber?

The rapid evolution of technology and changing customer preferences mean you have to stay ahead of the competition with the latest products.

Royal Cyber Offers

• Cutting-edge IT services globally helping both public and private sector organizations stay relevant with the latest technologies
• Resource deployment at your site to supplement your skill sets and augment your in-house teams
• Higher turnover with our offshore model to help our clients save costs with highly competitive rates
• Best-in-class IT services tailored to your business needs through our global presence and talented workforce
• Extensive experience with IBM technologies as an IBM Premier Business Partner
Find out how we can help you take your business to the next level with new features from IBM WebSphere Portal 8.5.